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Yang Won Sun Foundation practices proactive philanthropy and actively invites organizations to submit requests for funding. We do not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry or proposals. The Foundation regularly identifies and cultivates relationships with organizations, community groups and other foundations to explore mutual interests, priorities and needs. The Foundation may invite full proposals for consideration throughout the calendar year. While a proposal invitation does not guarantee funding, all invited proposals will receive careful review and evaluation.


The foundation supports a broad range of activities that fall under three primary areas of interest:


Making the world more colourful for all

Visual art, film, theater and music are cornerstones of society to maintain its vitality. This is one area where no two people have to share the same language to share an experience or have a mutual understanding. We support programs that seek exceptional esthetics experiences that will enhance the human spirit.

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Diffusion and Preservation

Culture holds an intrinsic value where each ‘way of life’ retains an uniqueness. We are dedicated to supporting the stability and continuity of Korean culture in Hong Kong and around the world. We are looking to cultivate various components that compose culture such as cuisine, language, customs and history.


Level the playing field

Education touches the lives of people of all ages. Our efforts are concentrated on creating social justice through improving access to high quality education ranging from but not limited to - students at all levels, adults retraining for new job responsibilities and providing resources for schools. We look forward to providing support to existing educational institutions and innovative new programs to engage in this initiative.

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And due to COVID 19 we are giving out grants to provide support to healthcare.

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