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A project within the YWS Project

We provide a grant of $1000 every month to a project that aligns with our mission.

Humble beginnings are the launching pad to great things. We are hoping that this no-strings-attached micro grant will provide support to kickstart, continue, or finish the projects of those who share our passion.


We welcome you or your team to apply!

What we fund

Projects that further the understanding of Korea or enhance the livelihood of the Korean community

  • Promote Korean Studies, Korean language, Korean culture

  • Support the pan Korean diaspora including but not limited to: overseas Koreans, immigrants in Korea, multicultural families etc


There are no limitations to which sector/field/industry

  • Culture, arts, education, technology, research etc.

Who can apply

How much

Anyone is welcome to apply whether it may be an individual, team or organization.

USD $1000 for each project

How the process work

1. Submit application by email

4. Present grant

2. Review applications​

5. Project takes place

3. Announce winners

if you have not heard back in months, it is likely that your project has not been chosen

6. Share your stories and results

with us!

Application deadline


How to submit 

Fill out the word application, attach it to the email and send it our way​

[ Download the application forms ]

If you have any questions

please email us at apply@ywsfoundation.org